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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of your attorneys board-certified in oil, gas, and mineral law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization?

Yes. Three of our current attorneys, Charles Gordon IV, Joe W. Christina, Jr., and Cornelius Hayes III are board-certified in this area. Additionally, we have seven other attorneys who are proficient in oil, gas, and mineral law. It would be an understatement to say we are qualified to handle these cases.

What types of business law cases does your firm accept?

We accept nearly all business law cases, yet a majority of them concern transactions, entity formation, litigation, and dispute resolution.

Do I need a real estate law attorney in addition to a real estate broker?

Though it is not required by law to retain a real estate law attorney, it would be exceedingly unwise to enter a real estate agreement without the careful eye of an experienced lawyer.

Do you represent plaintiffs or defendants in labor & employment law cases?

We typically represent defendants in labor and employment law cases.

What kinds of health law matters does your firm handle?

Porter, Rogers, Dahlman & Gordon, P.C. handles a wide swath of health law cases, including, but not limited to medical malpractice and insurance, dispute resolution, provider and payer agreements, and consulting for a variety of intricate matters. Please contact us today to discuss your circumstances and how we can help.

Do you represent plaintiffs or defendants in construction law cases?

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction law cases.

What is the difference between estate planning & probate?

For brevity’s sake, estate planning is done by an individual during their lifetime in an effort to manage their assets and plan for medical emergencies and death, whereas probate is the legal process through which an estate is closed following a death.

Does your firm offer representation in other practice areas not expressly listed on this website?

Yes. As a large and well-established firm with a strong and varied team of highly-qualified attorneys, we accept most cases and are known for our skill in litigation matters.

What areas of Texas do you serve?

Porter, Rogers, Dahlman & Gordon, P.C. has offices in Corpus Christi & San Antonio but we serve clients across the state, primarily in central and southern Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

When was the firm established?

We have been proudly serving the legal needs of Texans since 1969.